Blowing the Whistle: Ezekiel’s Daughter Returns to Social Media

After careful analysis, keen observation, and contemplation, Ezekiel’s Daughter will be returning to social media.

Why is this so significant?

Well! It’s significant because  many of my contemporaries, friends, and business associates were dumb-founded, or a bit dismayed because I made the decision in 2012 to disconnect all social media outlets and go off the social media grid. With Facebook going public along with the formulation of covenant relationships  between tech companies and Government agencies, I decided it was time to be disengage and observe….which provided me a unique perspective.

Ezekiel’s Daughter is in a unique position to serve the Body of Christ through social media.(but no Facebook!)  It is; no doubt, a shift in time. Our earthly realm is transitioning into a different culture that is ruled by technology and demonic powers that mirrors those in Ancient Babylon. These powers along with technology and efforts to “dumb-down” society,  has effected and continues to effect human’s ability to engage in an organic and at a superior level.  Additionally,  these intiatives with the use of technology will shape social constructs in society, and thus changing our communication styles. Lastly, social media will be the go-to resource with regard to the delivery of news, events, and government affairs. The day is new, the times are changing and we must be strategic and intentional with our efforts of our messenging.

Ezekiel’s Daughter has committed to:

  1. Declare and Proclaim the Gospel, and the Word of God,
  2. Expose the works of the enemy with the purpose to deliver people from the tyranny of sin and its effects on their life here on Earth, and
  3. Love God’s people by the means of grace by faith, and
  4. Pass on information and prayer requests for the advancement of the Gospel and/or other needs.

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Pride and Social Media (You may want to share this on Facebook) LOL

The following is an excerpt of Dr. John Barrett’s blog on You can hear the full sermon on

In light of my previous post concerning the effects of social media. I felt the following resource was very insightful and explains why this medium is detrimental to ones spiritual walk.

How To Identify My Pride 

The best source of insight into pride is an examination of your self asking honestly—Which of these areas apply to me?
Pride always makes me think that the sermon was for someone else other than me—because I’m okay!
Pride makes me always critique church (and any other teaching) on the basis of “what I got” rather than “what I gave”.
Pride makes me think of myself first and others second.
Pride makes me always look for my name on a list, always look for my face in a picture, and always look for my presents at a party.
Pride always makes me compare myself with others, excusing my failures while condemning theirs.
Pride makes me sensitive to how I look, how I feel, and defensive about what I do.
My pride also makes me expect special treatment, want to be in control, think my opinion is important, and always want to be right.

We have proud attitudes: pride makes me impatient, resentful, bitter,
We have proud looks: haughty looks, arrogant expressions,
We have proud words: they are angry words, belittling words, harsh words, harmful words, defiling words, thoughtless words, self-aggrandizing words… proud words dominate conversations, are boastful, critical, and argumentative,
We have proud actions: pride makes me pushy with my agenda, nosy about others business, a gossiper about others actions, competitive for my way, obsessive about my wants, compulsive for my needs, and anxious about the outcome when it relates to me.

My pride makes me want to be recognized and noticed.
My pride makes me proud of my looks, my travels, my education, my ministry, my Bible knowledge, my cooking skills, my decorating skills, my social sills, my social status—or jealous of any of yours!
Pride makes me: resentful when disrespected, while at the same time expecting recognition and respect.
Pride makes me discontent, restless, anxious, jealous, and selectively lazy. Pride makes me late for you but fumes when you are not early for me.
Pride doesn’t want to wait, and doesn’t want to try for fear of failure.
Pride makes me exaggerate my work, my opinion, my needs, my wants, my plans—while minimizing all of yours, and jealous if I can’t.
Pride makes me break the rules, bend the rules, and impose my own rules on others—while resisting all of your rules.
Pride makes me resistant, hesitant, and belligerent towards other’s ideas and leadership because I want my own way.
Pride makes me hold a grudge against you—and want to get even, while forgetting my similar failures, and then get angry when you get even with me.
Pride always remembers wrongs, always thinks it deserves better, and always wants more.
Pride makes me cover my sins while seeing other’s faults first and clearest.
Pride wants the best seat, takes the best parking place, and won’t wait in line.
My pride makes me need the best clothes, buy only the finest things for myself—but shop the bargain basement for others. So pride makes me always seek the best for myself—and not care about the needs of others.
Pride makes me not like my old car, always want a new car, and get completely jealous of you when you get any car.
Pride makes me either think my house is not good enough for me, or my house is better than yours.
Pride makes me buy the biggest house possible and then say it’s just an investment without first asking where I have more invested—on earth or in Heaven.
Pride makes me buy things I can’t afford, find reasons to not give, and do things I often regret.
Pride makes me love money and hate sacrifice; love praise and hate criticism; love prosperity and hate adversities.
Pride makes me pursue pleasures and avoid pain.
Pride makes me worry about what I wear, how I look, and what others think.
Pride makes me never quite content with my hair color, my skin color, my body weight, my physical condition, or my health. Pride  also makes me think my hair is better looking, my tan is better looking, my body is better looking than yours–or jealous if it’s not!
Pride is when I get focused more on my skin than my heart, when I get focused more on my hair than my mind, when I get focused more on my clothes rather than being clothed with compassion and love, when I am more focused more on my car than serving Christ, and my house than on Heaven.
Pride makes me resentful when corrected; hurt when disappointed; impatient when hindered; greedy when given choices (remember Lot); critical when speaking of rivals;jealous when seeing others advancing in any way; untruthful when confronted; and distant when slighted.
Pride will make me exaggerate my accomplishments, possessions, and abilities while minimizing my faults, weaknesses, and deficiencies.
Pride makes doesn’t thank people for their sacrifices, services, or gifts.
Pride makes me irritated at others, short with those I feel superior towards, and flattering towards those that can help me in some way.
Pride makes me driven with me agenda, hurried with others needs, and impatient with life.
Pride always makes me picky, finicky, touchy, choosy, nosy, and bossy.
Pride makes me jealous of the strength of youth, and disdainful of the weaknesses of the elderly and incapacitated.
Pride makes me secretly rejoice in others catastrophes and sullenly endure my own.
Pride makes me think that I am vital and irreplaceable, and my life is so important–that I will do all I can to save my life and not lose it.
Pride makes me spiritually superficial, artificial, and critical.
Pride makes me think much about my life and gaining as much as I can and little about my death and my face-to-face appointment I have with Christ when I explain just what I did with my life.
Pride makes me prejudiced, bigoted, and calloused.
Pride makes me:

  • Self-reliant
  • Self-absorbed
  • Self-deceived
  • Self-confident
  • Self-conscious
  • Self-sufficient
  • Self-satisfied
  • Self-focused
  • Self-centered, and
  • Self-driven

Pride makes me unreliable (because you can’t tell me what to do and when); unloving (because I won’t sacrifice for you); unteachable (because you can’t correct me), and competitive (because I will always try to outdo you)!
Pride makes me quick to speak and slow to hear; quick to anger and slow to forgive;quick to take and slow to give.

The Gospel is all about the reality that I am a failure because of sin and only Christ’s becoming my Substitute and taking my sin, and guilt, and shame gives me any hope.

The Cross is a constant reminder on my own I am unable to do right, unable to stop sinning, and helpless to do anything about my weaknesses, fears, and problems. That is why God wants my…

………………..Pride Exposed


Social Media: The Marauder of Genuine Relationships

Shall we bid “au revoirue” to realistic and genuine relationships? Since the invention of chat rooms and social media, genuine and organic relationships have seemingly escaped the human experience. A few years ago, my family made the decision to deactivate our Facebook and Twitter accounts. At first there was much defiance (my children were teens at the time). Later on, we all discovered it’s effects on our spiritual and relational growth. This sacrifice allowed us to build a stronger family foundation, more intimacy with the Father, and added more time for family discipleship. This became our time to engage in challenging conversations, and has brought lots of laughter in our home. This also allowed for very transparent conversations about life, relationships, and hard-core questions about my past mistakes. Unbeknownst to me this would be a crucial time for my family’s growth. It was instrumental in the aversion of generational influences.

I would love see how this level of intimacy could effect a people in any community. Social media has made many of us socially awkward. I am observing that people just don’t know how to to be engaged in human interaction. There is little to no eye contact and there seems to be a language barrier; like “what do I say”…duh.

What would happen if we were just as bold and candid about our personal life in the face of our neighbors, associates, or with the people at church (HA!..NO HOLY FACE MASKS ALLOWED).  While engaged in SM, I found that my social networking “friends” were more confident over a tablet, phone app, or PC. Unfortunately that false confidence seemed to disappear once there was face-to-face interaction. I can recall a time when a particular  SM “friend” was very engaged in posting comments where I started many controversial conversations; but later; in social events that person would “avoid me like the plague”…WHAT!?  Ironically, my children(now adults) had the same experiences. There would be times that their “friends” would see them in public places and would not acknowledge them publicly. These same “FB friends” always had a response to a post when it was important to enough…hmmm..Now…some of you may be saying “maybe you guys are just not that important”..Point taken…AND THAT’S EXACTLY THE POINT!!

Human ingenuity should not usurp the benefits of the human experience. When social media is the major driver in a society’s socialization, it dehumanizes the masses. For some, it makes them very critical, narcissistic, and shallow. Not to mention that the temptation to gossip (and speak foolishly on issues that they have not researched), engage in so-called “harmless” voyeurism, and the pastime does nothing to feed the Spirit..IT’S ALL flesh feeding. SM is a marauder of the human relationship. It has become a tool to destroy. In the years to come we will see the unimaginable come to fruition due to SM.

Importantly It is a major cause of a fruitless spiritual walk. We are starting to see what happens to a civilization when the people cannot engage in intellectual conversation. Our children don’t understand the art healthy debate nor are they equipped to research, study and share their educated opinions about civic and governmental issues. They just goooooo with the floooow.  It is also very apparent that some technology; wonderful as it is…along with public schools, has “dumbed” down this generation. Spelling, grammar, and proper use of language is virtually non-existent. The effects can be seen in national newspapers and magazines. 

An integral element in all relationships is intentional, consistent interaction. It’s organic. It must be done with an intent to grow together. It should be exercised with a mind to run as one would in a marathon. We should be faithful at all times, and ready to forgive when there is an offense, and ask for forgiveness when you give the offense. Building genuine relationships are comfortable and uncomfortable; they can be fun and sometimes they will require work. When we afford our efforts to social media for building relationships, we allow confusion to navigate the path. Those so-called relationships are superficial and there are always casualties.

Social media and a person’s need to be “heard, seen, and be seen” makes one less aware of those that are closest to us in terms of our immediate community. We don’t realize the importance of belonging. Sadly, what I’m also finding is that many people have accepted social media as a satisfactory medium for relationship building and human interaction is just too much work.  SELAH