Moving on……Maturity Matters, Pt 1.


New City, new marriage, new church family……a year of new beginnings with new lessons

Lesson 1, Real Faith: Faith is not a joke or a passive lesson that ebbs and flows with life’s circumstances. Real and active faith in God through Christ must be the Disciples’ reality. Trusting that our Lord God’s sovereign will is perfect, and that He is the all powerful and wise GOD must be the TRUE CHURCH’S resolve to live the rest of our days on this earth.  Tozer writes: 

“Real faith never disappoints because it is in God, grounded on His character, promises, covenant and oath.” 

Maturing in the Faith; by Faith, the Lord is providing an awesome perspective of walking in true discipleship.  Following  the steps of Christ demands little of ourselves with respect to human capabilities, understandings, and intellectualism. Systematic and Reformed Theology can only take you so far. The Spirit must be the leader! The more we are intentional about our pursuit of God and our walk in the Way in this earthly existence, we will be privileged to experience a genuine understanding of active Faith. This kind of Faith is both theological and spiritual, but…to much is given, much will be required, and yes; the Way is very narrow :-).

Lesson 2, Living the Manifesto, The Beatitudes:  Our Lord and Brother has brilliantly outlined a life that is reflective of what is truly a supernatural work under God’s leadership in the role of the Holy Spirit. It is more often than not, that our human perspective “crops” our full perception of El Shaddai’s picture and plan for His Kingdom; and our role therein. Because of the fallen state of this world and the culture; both American and Post modern”Christianity”, we may have become numb or complacent with regard to desiring a life devoted to living out the Beatitudes. …and again I quote Bro. Tozer:

“The superior Christian lets God strip him of everything that might serve as a false refuge, a secondary trust.”

That is, our so-called desire to walk in the Way of the Lord continues to compete WITH EVERYTHING!!!! The list is endless. Our allegiance to living the Beatitudes actively competes with our careers, relationships, church planting, ministry, homeschooling, patriotism, social events, finances, comfortable home,  connecting with the right churches, theology, local church life, etc. Maturing in the faith in the Beatitudes may call for some loss and suffering.

What do you find security in? Your education? Maybe your role in the church?

If God asks you share your home with a needy or homeless family in your church, are you cheerful about giving w/out reservation or are you rationalizing why they may be in a state of need?  What about being truthful? Are you willing to tell the truth in love with a risk of loosing a few friends?

I’m learning that the wisdom of the Beatitudes is a treasure-trove of lessons designed to teach lowliness in heart and power under control; BKA humility, and humility = maturity.

selah……to be continued

Recommended sermon series: Beatitudes: by Leonard Ravenhill

Listen to the 10 part series on



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