The New **”Hustle” of the American “Church”: Reform. Hidden in Plain Sight part 2

Narrow is the way

**Hustle (pronounced “Huss-l”) is defined as: 1. Working or doing anything that will generate income or provide resources to survive. 2.a disco dance from the 70’s.

My focus will be on the first definition.
Why is it that the vast majority of American Churches continue to veer away from clear instruction that Elohim clearly outlines in His Word? Why do they always bring in some “new thing”, “new mission”, or some form of “reform”?
Continued study of early Christians and church fathers will compel one to evaluate the traditions and practices of modern American religion today. Further research in the Holy Bible will not bring any form of scripture that would provide a pattern of this practice; nor do we find anything in the antiquities where a purpose or mission brought anyone to repentance.
This is because building missions is a business concept that has not been or every…

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