Why It’s Never Enough: The Affirmation of Humanity..Why Robin Williams (and others) Gave up


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It is written:

All things are full of weariness;

a man cannot utter it;

the eye is not satisfied with seeing,

nor the ear filled with hearing.

and also:

Sheol and Abaddon are never satisfied, and never satisfied are the eyes of man. The crucible is for silver, and the furnace is for gold, and a man is tested by his praise.

This is the trap of celebrity…the praise of men..the affirmation to be known and validated. The worship of humankind. This is a desired that starts at birth.

Looking to seek the approval of “man”(humankind) touches every person at some point or another. Think about it…we are told by society that we should “be somebody”. It’s not enough to live as one has been designed..we always have do DO MORE!

“Be the best”, “get noticed”, and “Stand out from the crowd”…..and yet…we must conform to culture so you can be accepted…huh?!

So, you get noticed…but that’s not enough.

You get the job/promotion….but that’s not enough.

You make the money you desire…but that’s not enough.

You marry the girl/guy of your dreams..but that’s not enough.

You get the big house….but that’s not enough.

You get the degrees, awards, recognition….but that’s not enough.

EVERYBODY KNOWS WHO YOU ARE!!!!!……You even get the worship of humankind…

and even that’s not enough.

So what happens when real life kicks in and trials come? What do you do now? Sadly..so many others like Mr. Williams succumb to the enemy’s lies. The enemy tells them that people don’t love them, or “you’re not gonna make it”….. Don’t fall for the trap. Look for a way of escape! Find inspiring stories of people that have overcame. There have been so many people that have survived some of the most overwhelming circumstances. You too, can make it!  The enemy desires to destroy humankind anyway he can. The rich and famous are deceived by their confidence in their money, connections, and recognition. This deception; if not checked, will lead to despair when they are introduced to the reality of the human experience…BETTER KNOWN AS…..LIFE.

So who’s really in control?


When “stuff” happens in life that causes pain, despair, or confusion, one usually feels powerless. So we drink or get high, or find someone that can temporarily numb that pain. It’s easy to go to “another” reality to avoid the truth. Eventually that turns to dust.

What we must understand is pain and adversity is that part of life that turns us to gold. Adversity is designed to build resilience. GOLD CANNOT BE GOLD WITHOUT BEING REFINED IN FIRE NOR CAN A PEARL BECOME A PEARL WITHOUT SAND. Adversity is what builds our faith and it shows us that we are not in control.  Adversity teaches humility. I can accept that this way of thinking is sooo opposing to what culture teaches..right? So what?  Truth is, we are not in control. We are not the captain of our ship…and we don’t control many of the events that may occur in our lives. We can’t even put breath in our own bodies…please don’t get it twisted.  So when adversity comes, we must place our hope on the only PERFECT ONE. the ONE that is a constant. God has given us hope in His promises…and He says:

1. “I never leave you nor forsake you” …(even) “When your father or mother forsake you, I will take you in”,

2. “Trust in Me with ALL your heart, and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge me and I will direct your path” “My way is perfect, and I will protect you”,

3. “I have sent My Spirit to guide you and comfort you in all things”.

Truth teaches that death comes to all..either by sin or Divine order.  Either way it will come.  For those that are renown, the loss seems to tragic because THIS life is and was the best they will have if they did not know the Way.  However, for those that are still here, there is a better life to come for those that will repent and believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Good News: 

The above promises and more that are not listed are not exclusive. They are for all..but you must place your hope and trust in the one that died so you don’t have to succumb to despair…this salvation is for all….for the prince and pauper, for the renown and for the unknown, for the rich and poor, and for intelligent and the ignorant. He has provided this relationship to all through the salvation of His Son and my King…. Jesus the Anointed One. He remains on the throne and continues to pray for humankind.

Another truth  is that The God of the Universe has also provided a way for humankind to be saved from ills of this life and wrath that will come. This provision will rejoin us to Him in his presence forever. God is love and does not desire that any man should parish, nor does He take pleasure in the death of the wicked. Heaven is real, and hell is real. It’s not hype..not an “imaginary” place.

And this is the LOVE that humanity is not capable of giving. Humans are fickle, sinful, and un-trustworthy. The true nature of love saves and does not kill. It’s gives and gives…and keeps giving. Love restores, renews, and protects.

This is not the kind of love that we are used to…this is a special kind of love…unparalleled in its beauty and protection.


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