PERFECTION and “Confused Order”…WHAT!?….. Alien Chronicles

The “Perfect”.

A word often used to describe standards of flawless bliss or flawless perplexity toward an object, person, or idea. It is often hastily “tagged” on people, jobs, and events that stimulate our flesh and/or intellect.

As human society normalizes into a modern day Babylon, its idea of “PERFECT” continues to conform to the standard of its ancient predecessors. I find it interesting that perfection is highly desired among them (humans), yet they fail to incorporate the disciplines and order that will produce the desired result. Humans seem to desire financial security, but continue using credit as a means to sustain their households. They consume more than they produce and when they purchase more than what is needed they don’t share.

Humans also desire a “PERFECT” society, yet they participate in infantile, they don’t speak truth regarding perversion, nor do they seek cause to correct and restore those that are harmed by this type of perversion. Over 60% are dependent on pharmaceuticals; which impair judgement. They don’t respect and revere the elderly. They celebrate selfishness and self gratification, which is in direct opposition of the concept of “community”. This is enigma….this is a society that says “we are free”, yet they are not. Their perspective of PERFECTION has been “dumbed-down” to a fleshly existence. It appears that they are slaves to their wants. This is the lowest form of existence. When a society starts to cater and conform culture to the wants of the human spirit and flesh, it is destined for failure and decline. Writer C.S. Lewis is quoted in saying “Safety and happiness can only come from individuals, classes, and nations being honest and fair and kind to each other.” In a word…love.

Accountability toward Perfection……

Humans also say “NOBODY’S PERFECT” as a cop-out for the mistakes they make and ignore the fact that their poor choices are the reason for those mistakes. Their pride doesn’t want others to know that they aren’t perfect, yet when their evils are exposed, they have a tendency to blame others. There are some that insist that there is no right or wrong. This is a puzzling concept.

In my research, I found two separate definitions of this word “PERFECT” in two separate dictionaries. One dictionary is dated in the early 70s. The second is dated 2014. You can see the vast difference in perspective, and it reads:

Perfect(1970s): 1.Being without fault or defect. 2.Exact. Precise. 3. Complete.
Perfect(2014, GS) having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be. 2. Absolute. Complete.

Notice that the first definition is absolute. Notice that the latter definition gives the reader a sense of power and control….or a feeling of relativism.

Unfortunately many are unaware of this gradual shift in thought. I pray that they will discover the Great Escape plan that awaits them. This plan is available to them right now if they will just humble themselves and seek HIM that is standing at the door.


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