“I never sleep….cause sleep is the cousin of death” (NAS…NY State of Mind)

Not to bring glory to any pagan idols, but NAS had it correct. This is the mindset that modern day American Christians seem to miss. They sleep. They slumber. Then they wonder..lol

What leads to a “slumbering” faith? Is it doubt? Lack of fellowship? No prayer life?

It boggles the mind, yet less than 10% of professing “Christians” posses a Biblical Worldview (barna.org). A.W. Pink has some insight as to why… and he writes:

The things which characterize the body when it is asleep will help us to determine when the soul is so. When the body is asleep it is in a state of inactivity, all its members being in repose. It is also a state of unconsciousness, when the normal exercises of the mind are suspended. It is therefore a state of insensibility to danger, of complete helplessness. Spiritual sleep is that condition wherein the faculties of the believer’s soul are inoperative and when his graces no longer perform their several offices. When the mind ceases to engage itself with Divine things, and the graces be not kept in healthy exercise, a state of slothfulness and inertia ensures. When the grand truths of Scripture regarding God and Christ, sin and grace, heaven and hell, exert not a lively and effectual influence upon us, we quickly become drowsy and neglectful.

A slumbering faith is an inactive one. It is not exercised upon its appointed Objects nor performing its assigned tasks. It is neither drawing upon that fullness of grace which is available in Christ for His people, nor is it acting on the precepts and promises of the Word. Though there still be a mental assent to the Truth, yet the heart is no longer suitably affected by that which concerns practical godliness. Where such be the case a Christian will be governed more by tradition, sentiment, and fancy, rather than by gratitude, the fear of the Lord, and care to please Him. So too when his hope becomes sluggish, he soon lapses into a spiritual torpor. Hope is a desirous and earnest expectation of blessedness to come. It looks away from self and this present scene and is enthralled by “the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him.” As it eyes the goal and the prize, it is enabled to run with patience the race set before us. But when hope slumbers he becomes absorbed with the objects of time and sense, and allured and stupefied with present and perishing things. Likewise when love to God be not vigorous, there is no living to His glory; self-love and self-pity actuating us. When the love of Christ ceases to constrain us to self-denial and a following the example He has left us, the soul has gone to sleep. (“Practical Christianity, A.W. Pink, read more @   http://www.reformed.org/books/index.html)

So….are you slumbering a little too much in this war? Are you fully engaged or are you on the sidelines? Are you focused on others or engrossed in yourself (this is idolatry)? In a word…Are you dying daily?

It may be time for a heart check. Turn off the TV, get offline for a few months…or longer,  and consider a time of consecration. We must remember that our remaining time here as sojourners will be perilous. Prepare and receive His grace to love others, walk in humility, and bring others into the Kingdom. This is not optional.




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