Submission to Head of the Home

Jesus, My Bible & I

So I realized that I did this series out of order when I went back and looked at my announcement post of this series. Oh well! 😉 This is the last part of my Submission series. To see the other parts, see the bottom of this post where there are available links.

God created the family.

He created a man, named Adam, then a woman who Adam called Eve and then He blessed this man and this woman with children. (Genesis 2-4)

Question: Do you know who God sovereignly ordained to be the head of this household?

Answer:  Adam. The man.

This family order was established by the God of the Bible from the very beginning. He leads the husband /father and the husband/father in turn is the leader, provider, and protector of his home.

Another Question: Do you know what role Eve was created for?

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