Music Review: Tye Tribbett “Greater Than”



One of the casualties of trying to make records for secular recording companies is that you’ll eventually become of slave of that entity. It is evident that  Mr. Tribbett has succombed to the demands of the industry. In this latest project, “Greater Than” there is very little mention of the name of Jesus (listen to CD twice). Though the tracks are aesthetically pleasing to the ear and the flesh, I would be very apprehensive in choosing any of these songs for your church’s praise and worship team. The CD’s first track “Nobody” explodes in classic Tye Tribbett style and faithful fans will not be disappointed in the carnality of this offering (which is about 75%). His saving grace is a cover of Jeremy Camp’s “Overcome”.  Tracks 9 (What Can I Do) and 10 (The Worship Medley) appeals to a seeker-driven audience looking for a “worship experience”  much like Hillsong, or Jesus Culture….but again….the name of Jesus is not lifted up, it’s mentioned in passing. He’s singing to “God” but which one? I think it’s important that Adamant believers (Shout out to ABC) of Christ make this distinction; and make it clear!  Most of the subject matter focuses on circumstances and God did this for “me”…!?..If I’m not mistaken…leaders should be evolving. Another issue is that these artists face is the issue of deliverance. Once cannot effectively minister or lead worship if full deliverance has not been completed in the believer. This must be done through fasting, consecration and seeking God. If one is on a contract and has to produce “x” amount of records a 5 year period……well, you do the math.

Those that are new in Christ may enjoy this CD. I was expecting more.  


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